Home Remedy Ear Infection

Treatment for a Sinus Ear Infection and More

home remedy ear infection

By Andrea Kratzenberg

home remedy ear infection program provides natural health treatment for your ear infections symptoms; including inner ear infections – dizziness and nausea, sinus ear infection and more. Ear infection can be painful and cause significant damage if left untreated; it is important to pay attention to the cause of the problem early on (treatment is much easier and more successful).

Types and Causes of Ear Infections

There are three types of ear infections: inner ear, middle ear and outer ear. Middle ear infections are most common.

What are symptoms of inner ear infections (dizziness, nausea, and headache are a few)? Symptoms of outer ear infection are a feeling of fluid or water in the ear (often called swimmer’s ear because swimmers often get this type of infection or ear ache).

Causes of middle ear infection are secondary infections (resulting from cold, sore throat, sinus, teeth problems, virus, and more). For example, a sinus problem can lead to sinus ear infection. Or grinding your teeth can result in inflammation of your jaw, which in turn creates swollen glands and that can create ear infections symptoms.

Ear aches and infections are most often found in children, however adults also suffer from ear infections. To confirm your ear infections symptoms, visit your medical doctor for a physical exam.

Both bacteria and viruses can cause ear infections. Doctors will often prescribe antibiotics for ear infections but some bacteria are resistant to antibiotics and viruses can not be cured by antibiotic treatment.

Ear infections are treated most effectively in the early stages of infection. Consider using natural remedies early on and the infection doesn’t improve, then use antibiotics. Tell your doctor about the treatment that you’ve tried, about how long your ear has been bothering you (don’t let it go on too long), and whether this is a recurring issue.

Note: Sometimes ear aches can be caused by something other than infection. For example, if you grind or clench your teeth, the tension build-up in your jaw may ‘radiate’ out to your ear and irritate it. Or if you have teeth problems (particularly with the back molars), the pain from infected roots can result in ear aches as well. It’s important to have your doctor check your ear to ensure the pain is being properly diagnosed and then properly treated.

Home Remedy Ear Infection

  • 1 drop of Sesame oil, twice a day;
  • 1 drop of Olive oil, twice a day;
  • 1 drop of Garlic oil, twice a day;
  • 1 drop of Mullein oil, twice a day.

Ear Infection Prevention

  • Smoking can lower your resistance to infections. Quit smoking. If you don’t smoke, but you are around second hand smoke – protect your health.
  • Ear infections can be a secondary outcome from allergies. Allergies often result in itchy eyes, runny nose, sore throat and those health issues can result in blockage in the ear, which in turn can result in an infection. Minimize your exposure to known allergens. If your allergies start acting up, take anti-histamines.
  • Drink water – lots of it – to flush toxins out of your system.
  • Take a multi-vitamin if you’re starting to feel sick; and add an extra dose of time-release Vitamin C.

Home remedies for ear infections can help clear the pain and infection however if it doesn’t clear go visit your doctor for treatment – and be sure to tell your doctor of the remedies you’ve tried.

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