Vitamins for Hair Growth

Hair Regrowth Vitamins: Can They Help?

Vitamins for hair growth; do hair regrowth vitamins really work? Learn about the best vitamins for hair regrowth and general health.

Vitamins for Hair Growth

Hair Loss?

Taking hair regrowth vitamins is one way to combat thinning hair or hair loss. There’s no question that our diets do impact the health of our skin and hair (even more so when you’re under stress). Nonetheless many people wonder – do hair vitamins really work?

The answer is yes. There are various essential vitamins for promoting hair growth. When you don’t get the right nutrition, one of the first places it shows up is in your hair.

Think of it this way; your hair grows about ½ inch a month. That means if your hair is shoulder length, the ends are two years old. Throughout that time you wash, dry, perm, and dye your hair. It needs support to keep from drying out, thinning and even falling out.

The Best Vitamins for Hair Growth – Think A, B, C!

Hair regrowth vitamins typically include vitamin B as a primary source to support healthy hair. You can get Vitamin B naturally in eggs, fish, milk, fruit, and whole grains.

Specific types of Vitamin B affect different parts of your hair. For example, Niacin improves scalp blood circulation. Vitamin B-5 has been shown to decrease hair loss. And Vitamins B-6 and B-12 are also important to a healthy head of hair.

Along with Vitamin B, many people feel that Vitamin E can be a great partner in hair regrowth. The antioxidant power of Vitamin E makes it one of the best hair regrowth vitamins.

Vitamin A is another supplement that supports hair follicles. You can get Vitamin A in green leafy vegetables as well as red, yellow or orange vegetables. Finally, Vitamin C is also good for your hair – so stick with eating fresh organic fruits and watch your hair health improve.

By the way, don’t forget essential minerals! Some of the minerals that help maintain healthy hair include zinc, magnesium, sulfur, and silica.

Why We Lose Hair

People who have gone beyond unhealthy hair to hair loss may wonder why it happens. In both men and women it’s normally a genetic issue. Additionally, men produce DHT, a hormone that contributes to hair loss. DHT causes hair follicles to wither, causing it to thin and eventually fall out.

To minimize or eliminate that effect, a product called Provillus was produced; it has minoxidil, a product clinically proven to block or inhibit DHT. Additionally, to this foundation the makers of Provillus haven’t forgotten about the Vitamins for hair growth. There are natural herbs, vitamins and minerals in the dietary supplement, including Vitamin B and magnesium.

Poor diet can cause hair loss. An after-effect of surgery and some medical treatments (chemotherapy for example) can cause hair loss. Ensuring that you replenish your body’s requirement for vitamins and minerals (that can be lost through poor diet and/or illness) is important to encouraging hair growth and health.

Hair Thinning / Hair Loss Aids:

One of the reasons people start seeking vitamins for hair growth is that they begin to experience thinning or balding. There’s no question that hair loss makes many individuals very uncomfortable. While vitamins and good nutrition can help keep your remaining hair healthy, it’s also possible to re-grow a healthy head of hair.

While it sounds amazing, there really is a product that works. It’s called Provillus, and the reason it works is simple. The formula for the topical portion of Provillus includes an ingredient approved by the FDA to help re-grow hair. This isn’t an expensive transplant or dangerous surgery.

It’s a two part system that gives you what you need for renewed hair growth. There’s one formula for men and one for women, both of which include essential dietary vitamins, because each gender has different needs in order to support healthy hair.