What is Emotional Health?

Find the Best Home Remedy for Depression

What is emotional health? How to improve emotional health and solve emotional health problems? Find a variety of remedies: a natural remedy for depression, a herbal remedy for depression and a home remedy for depression to help balance your health.

In recent years holistic-minded articles have been addressing the question of “what is emotional health” and how it impacts a person’s overall well being.

The best definition of emotional health is the state in which a person regulates their emotions and behaviors.

Good emotional health means that a person feels positive and keeps life on an even keel. Rather than falling apart over daily stress, emotionally healthy people find coping mechanisms and ways to positively release any negativity or frustration that accumulates in even the most normal of situations (like natural mood stabilizers).

Emotional Health Problems:

In answering the question of what is emotional health, it helps to understand what it is NOT. Everyone experiences some level of anxiety, sadness, etc. at various points in their life.

Someone who is emotionally unhealthy gets consumed by those emotions. For example, if you find that you worry constantly when there’s really nothing wrong, this is a sign of emotional issues that need to be addressed. Other signs of emotional dis-ease (hyphen purposeful) include:

  • Aches and pains that last for more than 90 days consecutively
  • Depression (that sometimes spirals and may include self depreciation or suicidal thoughts)
  • Inability to bounce back from challenges
  • Social isolation: avoiding social contact for weeks or even months at a time
  • Emotional roller coaster rarely evens out
  • Restlessness and dissatisfaction
  • Inflexibility (change is very difficult to accept)

By comparison, the emotionally healthy individual feels content, has a healthy appetite for life, has goals and a sense of place, can adapt, balances social life and other activities, builds good relationships and is self-actualized.

Life is Change:

It has often been said the one thing we can count on in life is change. This is so true that change (and how we handle it) is a big part of the equation for emotional wellbeing.

Life is rarely ‘pat’ and tidy. People who do not suffer from emotional health problems are able to handle whatever life tosses that way are considered psychologically resilient and that means good mental health.

Note that resilience doesn’t mean just brushing off deeply personal problems or feelings. Rather it’s letting emotions run their course without letting that moment take the driver’s seat in your behavior.

The Mind-Body Connection

Emotional health problems or well being depends in part on our physical well being and vise versa. That means all those things mother taught you were spot on.

The advice of getting plenty of rest, eating nutritionally balanced meals, exercising daily, getting fresh air and sunlight, and all ‘things in moderation’ is still very sound.

When you take care of your body, your mind is better able to adapt to life’s challenges and stresses as they happen.

What is Emotional Health?
The Risk Factors for Emotional Health Problems

Psychological studies show that certain conditions can lead to having a higher risk for developing emotional health problems.

These conditions include addictions, serious sicknesses, trauma, and lacking emotional connections as a child.

People who have experienced these situations need to be especially mindful of their emotional wellbeing.

What is Emotional Health? Getting Help

If you’ve noticed that it seems like forever since you last smiled or enjoyed life, it may be time to seek professional help.

This is especially true if you find your outlook interferes with relationships and your job, if your thoughts become self destructive, and if fear becomes overwhelming. While you may feel uneasy about seeking help, the sooner you address your problems professionally the better.

Home Remedy for Depression

If you’re looking for a natural remedy for depression or a herbal remedy for depression, there are a variety of things in your pantry that may do the trick. Remember that home remedies are not meant to be a substitute for professional help, but rather a support system where you become a partner in your wellness.

  • Eating bananas is said to improve moodiness as is drinking rosemary tea with honey or mint tea.
  • Consume spinach (or other leafy vegetables).
  • Take long, calming showers or baths (this is a good time to consider aromatherapy with a citrus scent to lift your energy.
  • Alternatively the aroma of lavender is soothing.
  • Finally you can try drinking carrot juice or apple juice daily.

In addition to these natural remedies, we recommend an herbal remedy for depression product called MindSoothe: for Depression, Insomnia, OCD and Anxiety. MindSoothe is a natural herbal product that supports on-going emotional health and helps keep your mood on an even keel.

Both men and women can use this natural remedy product to maintain a healthy outlook, improve your sleep pattern, and get your appetite and sex drive working properly. For women, it offers the additional benefit of offsetting menstrual blues and crankiness during hormonal ups and downs.

If you’re still wondering what is emotional health, Mind Soothe, will give you that answer by providing a mental health tonic for everyday life.

What is Emotional Health